We are lucky to work with some fantastic companies and candidates with whom we have developed strong relationships over the years. Here’s what some of them have had to say about their working experience with MACRO.CCS. 

“You offer (1) consistency in delivering high quality people, (2) flexibility and creative solutions in adapting to the needs of the customer, and (3) quick and professional response to any problems that may arise. I don’t know if you advertise this, but you operate as if ‘satisfaction is guaranteed’.”

“I like you and your approach. I feel my time is strongly valued by you as you don’t take up my time with a bunch of sales hype. I feel a strong sense of ethics from you and your staff…”

“Each person has been pre-screened so that I am only dealing with quality applicants. Each person provided has been of excellent caliber and well suited to the position.”

“The three consultants from MACROSTAFF were high quality professionals with skills that accurately matched our needs. Their work performance was excellent and they completed their assignments to our satisfaction.”

“When your IT equipment runs the age gamut from 5 months to 25 years of age, sometimes finding the right support resource can be a challenge. Macro.CCS has been there to help us locate and on-board resources when there are only 3-4 relevant experts available nationwide. Macro.CCS has been flexible both in times where I needed to burst up hours for a fast-track project, and when we were on a slack schedule because of approvals and procurement delays.”

“We have relied on MACRO.CCS IT resourcing for the last 25 years and counting. We’ve found that one of the easiest ways to lose momentum on software projects is to hire contractors that do not work out. I believe that our relationship with MACRO.CCS over the years has greatly contributed to our IT success rate by helping us resource our teams with high quality professionals. They have become our preferred staffing agency.”

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