We provide broad ranging security expertise, including deep knowledge of governmental regulations.

  • Malware/virus/rootkit removal and investigation
  • E-mail security and hardening
  • Encryption software installation & configuration
  • Wireless security and site surveys
  • Firewall installation and policy configuration
  • Patch management and vulnerability detection
  • Infrastructure security and social engineering
  • Password database management and hardening
  • Organizational security policies
  • Network security design and planning
  • NIST 800 series security standards
  • ITIL
  • NERC
  • We offer new clients three hours free security analysis of network, WAN configuration, and server deployment. Call: (425) 641-7252

Examples of Recent Security Projects:

Public Regional Information Security Event Management System (PRISEM)
City of Seattle - DOIT

Our Project Managers, cyber security experts and project coordinators spearheaded communications and coordination for implementation of this statewide cyber security and cyber event warning system. Customized software and equipment from NitroSecurity forms the core of this early warning system, which links a broad range of regional entities, including the City of Seattle, to the Department of Homeland Security. This unique, visionary effort is expected to form a model for similar systems in other states.

Security Plan assessment

All federal government agencies must certify and accredit their IT Systems every three years. This comprises an extensive security assessment process that ensures IT systems go through thorough controls testing. MACROSTAFF’s security expert evaluated PMEL’s IT security processes pursuant to this certification, making recommendations and developing all necessary documentation. The work included certification evaluation and testing, security assessment reporting and plan of action and milestones. All work was compliant with NIST-SP 8800-53, 800-53a,and 800-37. Our expert also developed and delivered Information Technology (IT) Security /System Administrator training to PMEL employees after conducting the security assessment.

Cyber Security Analysis
City of Seattle - City Light

Our architect and senior IT security analysts helped the City ensure perimeter hardening for its critical cyber assets. Our architect developed a list of critical city assets and the cyber assets associated with them to understand and prepare to harden the electronic security perimeter. The architect then analyzed the information, mapped it, identified and eliminated weaknesses. Our senior analyst developed test procedures, processes for ensuring only Critical Cyber Assets were enabled, developed a security patch management program, installed anti-virus software, developed controls to enforce authentication for user activity. All work was compliant with NERC.

Internal and External IT Security Audit

Our security specialist analyzed and performed server testing internally and port scanning both internally and externally, plus checked Polyform’s application settings for backups, patches, internal applications (SQL security) and virus protection. All results were documented.