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August 7th, 2012, 0 Comments

Photo via Aaron Crow


For those not in the know, California branch manager, Kelsey Searles, does a lot of work in the e-commerce arena. With one side of her family thoroughly embedded in the retail industry, and the other side in technology, this was a natural direction for her career.

Those that work in e-commerce technology know, this is an area that is constantly evolving and improving. So, in order to stay on top of those changes and the latest technologies in web development, Kelsey has to stay pretty active in the user community. Yeah, TechCrunch, RISNews, and Wikipedia are useful, but you never learn from these sites quite as well as you do straight from the source: the developers themselves.


This month, Kelsey will be helping to host LA High Scalability Group’s next event on August 21st:

Going from .Net SQL to Hadoop+MongoDB on Linux and Java

The event will feature speaker Robert Vandehey from Rovi, who will be talking about his experience in migrating .Net/memcache/SQL to Java/Linux/Hadoop/Mongo (though you probably already guessed that from the event title!)

The event starts at 7pm and is going down at Factual Inc., which is right next to the Century City mall on Avenue of the Stars. Factual has ever so graciously agreed to not only provide the meeting space, but also food and drinks for the group (THANK YOU!)

Directions and more details on the event are available on the MeetUp group website.


Come join and learn something new 🙂



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