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December 16th, 2013, 0 Comments

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Having been in business nearly 25 years now, our team has seen some interesting things happen in interviews. Things that pleasantly shocked and surprised us, leading us to further appreciate the relationship we had started with that technologist…. and then some things that were not so pleasant.

And so we bring to you the MACRO.CCS Interview Naughty/Nice list. We encourage you to read it, learn from it, and improve your own interview skills in preparation for your 2014 job search.





–         Swore

–         Answered a cell phone and/or texted during the interview

–         Overbooked, and left the interview early without forewarning.

–         Brought their spouse & expected them to participate in the interview

–         Conducted a Skype-Interview with barking dogs, screaming children, or scantily dressed folks in the background

–         Showed up VERY late & did not offer a reason for their tardiness

–         Sat with both feet ON the chair, cross-legged

–         Dressed like they just got out of bed, sans shower, with breath to match!

–         Brought laptop, using it for games/social media during course of interview

–         Lied regarding interest in relocating for work; used paid-for interview-trip as ‘free vacation’ – not even showing up for interview.

–         Forgot what they’d written on their own resume (“What Java shopping cart project? At which company?…”) 






–          Sent thank you letters/emails post interview

–          Honestly explained past mistakes, and what they learned from those mistakes

–          Stepped in to help fix our own in-office technology during the interview (i.e. Skype, phones, internet connections, etc…)

–          Arrived with a carefully thought out list of questions, developed from research on our company and history

–          Thanked their interviewer(s) for their time, and referenced something specific they got out of the experience

–          Recognized when a specific job was not a fit for them; offered an introduction a friend who would be a great fit for the position.

–           Sent their recruiter a Holiday Card (we love getting “real” mail!)




Happy Holidays!

The teams at MACRO.CCS



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