Holiday Card



MACRO.CCS selected six winners for the 2014 Holiday Card contest. Each will have their artwork featured on our holiday card, and will receive a $50 gift certificate for Zulily. Below you will see the winning artwork along with short bios of the artists


penelope tran


Artist: Penelope Tran

Age: 7

Bio: Penelope’s is a 3rd grader and loves to do art, watch Netflix, loves school, and likes to play games on the iPad.



Kayla Roberts

Artist: Kayla Roberts

Age: 8

Bio: Kayla is a huge music, dance and art fan. She loves singing, dancing and cheerleading!


Janica Rogers

Artist: Grace Rogers

Age: 9

Bio: Grace not only loves to draw and create, she also loves to create backdrops to film her favorite toys and create movies.


Alexandria Arias

Artist: Alexandria Arias

Age: 6

Bio: When Alexandria is not playing with her Barbie dream house, she draws pictures of things around her including family, friends, pets, and toys. She is hoping to be just as good of an artist as her mom when she grows up.



ethan roberts

Artist: Ethan Roberts

Age: 10

Bio: Ethan loves creating art that is fun and unique. He loves Minecraft and skateboarding!


Sarah Folz

Artist: Sarah Folz

Age: 13

Bio: Sarah loves to draw and ice skate. Winter is probably her favorite season and she loves the holidays.



Shout-outs to a couple Runner-ups that were great but just didn’t quite make the cut.

jeff's son

Juston Folz, Age 15

emma roberts

Emma Roberts, Age 6












Thanks everyone for your entries! Was a real treat seeing everyone’s artwork.