Halloween Costume Ideas for Tech Lovers

October 27th, 2014, 0 Comments

Need a last minute costume idea? We’ve scoured Pinterest and the rest of the internet to bring you these awesome, witty, tech-focused costumes. Enjoy!


Costumes do not get easier than this.


All you need is a box, some tape, and a sign. (To see more in this hilarious box-costume series, click here)


Comics by Pablo Stanley. 


This one will take a little more labor, but all the pieces you probably own at home (boxes, paint, tape, your genius mind….)




So its not IT focused, but think of the embedded development required for a rocket… right? And its just plain awesome.

jobs and ipug

You: dressed up in jeans + black turtleneck. Your dog: the iPug.


Relate more to the other-half of Apple AND have tons of money to spend on a new toy? Buy a Segway, pop on a helmet, and you’re Woz.



happy halloween-page-001

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