Congratulations to our MACROSTARS!

January 20th, 2017, 0 Comments

Each year MACRO.CCS honors consultants nominated by our clients for their outstanding performance. From our recent awards ceremony:



Jon Craig stepped into the Department of Education and Early Learning in the summer 2015 tasked with helping them upgrade and migrate a critical line-of-business application which was nearing end-of-life.  Jon successfully  upgraded the database from SQL 2000 to 2012 and the web environment to Visual Studio 2013; coordinated testing and released the stabilized application in time for fall registration.  DEEL asked Jon to continue to support their on-going technology needs as they implement a new application which will support their changing business requirements.

Jon has been a MACRO.CCS employee since 2005, providing development support to eight departments at the City of Seattle during this time.  This is his second MACROSTAR award.


Caption: Marjie Peterson; Jon Craig, Taylor Oden, and Vickie Stovall


MACROSTAR AWARD – Floyd Unger, MACRO.CCS IT Quality Assurance Analyst

Recognizing Floyd for his work at Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections.


Caption: Danielle Priest, Project Manager – Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections; Floyd Unger; Marjie Peterson; Vickie Stovall


MACROSTAR AWARD – Jacqui Evanchik, MACRO.CCS Developer

Recognizing Jacqui for implementing the upgrade to the City of Seattle’s retirement and pension system.

Claire Foster, Project Manager – Seattle City Employees Retirement Systems; Jacqui Evanchik; Marjie Peterson, President, MACRO.CCS


MACROSTAR AWARD – Pascal Buhler, MACRO.CCS Functional Analyst

In recognition of Pascals’ contribution to the UW Workday Implementation project.


Wendy Rittereiser, Implementation Project Manager, University of Washington; Pascal Buehler; Marjie Peterson, President, MACRO.CCS


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