25 Years Ago Today…

March 13th, 2014, 0 Comments

By Marjie Peterson, President

I remember moving borrowed furniture into the office space on Bel-Red Road on the Friday before we opened doors: March 13, 1989. I was thirty eight years old, married with two children ages 3 and 1, and I’d just bet my house.

The bet paid off, thanks to the hard work and good will of so many people over the years. We celebrate this evening at the Columbia Tower Club, but I’d like to stop now to thank: 

  • Carmen Hunt, our first employee – Carmen did accounting and collections. At collections she was a tiger, and clients who first encountered her on collection calls were shocked to later learn that in person she was petite, charming and lovely.
  • Safeco Insurance, our first client, (now Liberty Mutual). Marc Esterly, in HR at Safeco, essentially trained me in my first years of recruiting at Robert Half. As Safeco spun off its software business, Agena, Marc joined the new company and stayed a client for many years, until his retirement. So thank you Safeco, for your business and for Marc Esterly!Macrocss-4X6-Postcard-front

A bit of history: MACROSTAFF came into being in 1991 after EDS tried to hire MACROSEARCH to market their nascent staffing services. As the deal unraveled, I thought “we can do this ourselves” and MACROSTAFF was born. So thanks to EDS, and to: 

  • Jeannie Stratton, the first manager of our staffing division
  • Eddie Bauer, the first client of our staffing division.

We were technology rich for a permanent placement/staffing company, having developed our own software to run our business (a novelty in our kind of firm in the early 90’s). We decided to use some of our internal IT staff as consultants, so at the end of our first decade, MACROSTAFF Projects Group (now MACRO.CCS) came into being. Thanks to

  • Sharon Swann,  the first manager of our consulting division.

Our history has been rich with solid relationships with great organizations and great people. Over the years we have worked with (and are grateful to) many of the best known names in business – Weyerhaeuser, Safeco, DecWest (Digital Equipment), Microsoft, Children’s Hospital, Regence Blue Shield, University of Washington, BECU, Adobe, Activision, etc. but special thanks to

  • City of Seattle, our biggest client, re number of our consultants hired. (yes, that’s thanks to you, Lennie Roberts and Vicki Wills and Andrew Swansen, and Charlene Moran, and Jolene Luck, and Terry Lombardi and Marty Chakoian and Bryon Tokunaga and Jamie Carnell and Jon Lutton and Mike Herrin and all the other great people we’ve worked with over the years at the City.)
  • Seattle Public Schools, our longest term client (yes, that’s thanks to you, Barb Robbins and Marjorie Mills and Don Cowan and Jim Ratchford and Fred LaCroix and the list could go on and on…)

In 1998 we created our MACROSTAR program. Annually we ask our clients to nominate our best consultants for an award (with recognition and a bonus).

  • Our thanks to all our MACROSTARS, you’ve made us look great and we appreciate you.

Now on to the next 25!




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