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Sometimes – even when you have the skills, steady work experience, aligned career goals,  similar cultural values – you don’t get the job. And no one tells you WHY. Sometimes it was nothing you said.  Non-verbal cues, small movements, looks, and tones, gave your prospective employer pause about your ability to fit into their group or do the job well. What might these non-verbal communication cues be, and how can you eliminate or minimize them?



Yes, IT/High Tech tends towards a casual dress environment. But in your interview you need to step it up a notch. Why? You want to show you’re serious about this potential job and have respect for those interviewing you. You will be far more (positively) memorable if you take a little time getting polished before your interview.

         Via The Art of Manliness

Via The Art of Manliness

How Polished?

  • At the bare minimum: shower, pay some attention to your hair, and dress in clean, well-fitting clothes.
  • Even better: research the company and get an idea of their culture  & dress code. Use this information to determine the perfect interview outfit and style.
  • Still not sure on what to wear? Play it safe and dress in standard modern business attire: This means slacks or a skirt, paired with a button down shirt or blouse.

Need help decoding various business dress codes? Check out this article from the etiquette expert Emily Post.


Security concept: Lock on digital screen

Curious how Washington state communities are preparing to protect themselves from cyber attacks?  If so, please make sure to save the date for the next Association of Women in Computing – Puget Sound Chapter meeting on February 19th, at 6pm, in Seattle. This event will feature a presentation by Michael Hamilton, CEO and Managing Partner of MK Hamilton & Associates, who is the consulting architect on Public Regional Information Security Event Monitoring (PRISEM) project for the state – a project funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

Michael Hamilton: MK Hamilton & Associates

Mr. Michael Hamilton

Who: Association of Women in Computing – Puget Sound Chapter

 What: Presentation by Michael Hamilton on the Washington Statewide Cyber-security System: – the PRISEM Project

 When: Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 /  6 – 8:30pm

 Where: 501 N. 34th St /  Suite 200 / Seattle, WA, 98103 / At the Fremont offices of Serials Solutions

 How Much: $15, Click Here to Register